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Captain Glynn K. Lightbourne, President of Gadites Maritime & Navigational Institution is a former Royal Bahamas Defense Force marine, where he spent 25 years refining his skills in various capacities. His telegraphic skills enabled him to secure his first appointment as a radio operator upon completing basic training. During this time, Captain Lightbourne was instrumental in establishing the force's communication center at HMBS (Her Majesty's Bahamian Ship) Coral Harbour, and was later transferred to the flagship HMBS Marlin as operator where he gained additional international experience.

In 1986 as Petty Officer, Lightbourne went to England for training and work-ups on the 108-foot Defender Class patrol craft. While there he received basic and advanced training as a navigational Yeoman. Captain Lightbourne's instructional career began in 1990 upon being appointed Communication Instructor and facilitating all subjects in the training department at Coral Harbour. In 1991, he successfully completed the communication and navigational course at HMS Mercury Naval College, England. Subsequently, he resumed squadron duties in 1993 and became the first rating to obtain a navigation officer's post on a large craft. This led him to pioneer the Bahamas Maritime Training Institution in January 2000. Undergoing extensive training at Maritime Technical Institute to be qualified as an IMO STCW instructor, he furthered his training in 2004 at the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies in Baltimore, Maryland USA, concentrating in the field of ISPS and other security courses.

Captain Lightbourne has since retired from the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in 2006 as Chief Petty Officer. He has considered his profound love for the maritime industry to be the reason why he encourages success in others to complete the maritime courses. "I can go over something all day for the benefit of seafarers without becoming bored or tired!"

This is his passion...